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PC Short Shank Gag

  • 7695

SHORT SHANK GAG Cheek: 5.75”
A medium shank gag bit with center crossbar to provide a gradual slide when rein pressure is applied and prevent the mouthpiece from resting all the way down.

All cheeks pieces are stainless steel. • All mouthpieces are sweet iron. • These bits will rust when exposed to moisture. • This creates a sweet taste in the horse’s mouth and promotes salivation.

Available in 4 mouthpieces:
Snaffle: PCB-940 Mouth: 5”
Square Bar Lifesaver: PCB-941 Mouth: 5”
Half and Half PCB-942 Mouth: 5.5”
Twisted Chain Wire PCB-943 Mouth: 5.5”

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