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Oxy-Gen 2X

Oxy-Gen 2X

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Formulated for situations where a quicker response is needed in a short period of time. Delivering two times the amount of the original Oxy-Gen Formula per serving. This product targets horses with respiratory ailments, severe allergies, COPD, Heaves, and EIPH (bleeders). It will speed up the cell division in the lungs which will make the lung walls stronger and more elastic. Also speeds delivery of available oxygen to the cells of the body. Very effective at building superior muscling and stamina. Oxy-Gen 2X is now fortified with our exclusive Pro-B probiotic formula. Each 3oz feeding contains not less than 50,000,000 lactobacillus bacteria! You can count on Oxy-Gen 2X Pro-B to deliver fast results in animals that need special help.

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