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Equine 7 Oxy O2™  - Lung Care and Performance Paste

OxyO2™ is an oral paste formulated to meet the lung care performance level of pharmaceutical medications without their associated negative side effects. The use of Oxy O2™ will help resolve bronchial spasms such as coughing and improve pulmonary ventilation. Bronchial spasms are often associated with airflow interference and Oxy O2™ is used in the care of respiratory disease where airway obstruction is identified. It is easy to use and highly palatable.

Oxy O2™ is designed to be used in the care of respiratory disease and is strongly suggested for maintenance of EIPH commonly know as "Bleeders" in horses. Oxy O2™ is helpful in horses with respiratory deficiencies because it increases oxygen to the lungs and relaxes the muscles that line the lung airways. Once the airways dilate, the amount of air in each breath is largely increased.

Studies at Oklahoma State by Dr. Michael Davis determined that clenbuterol caused horses to get tired quickly and had a negative effect on muscle function. Long term treatments with clenbuterol revealed gastric irritation, decrease in performance, heart function, lung capacity, and recovery time. Other noted long term side effects include nervousness, high blood pressure, and low blood pressure.

Oxy O2™ can offer your horse improved performance, relief of symptoms and healing from respiratory conditions such as COPD, EIPH, Heaves, Allergies, Stable Coughs and Seasonal Triggers.

Your horse will be healthier and performing at his best once symptoms subside; and it is recommended that Oxy-2X  from the Oxy-Gen® Equine line be fed for optimal daily maintenance.

Recommended Loading Dose
Feed 20cc directly into the mouth for 3 days, then reduce to 10cc until problem subsides

Feed 5 cc daily to promote healing and manage symptoms

Feed 20cc one to three hours prior to competition

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