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Is available in both an easy to dispense paste and a daily pellet top dress. Immunize is a supplement that speeds healing, boosts immune system, fights bacterial and viral infections and is all natural. Immunize is an antioxidant biotechnology of beta glucans that boosts immune, cardiovascular and digestive systems. Immunize Paste is a fast acting immune support electrolyte and probiotic paste for use when a quicker, short term response is desired

20 Dose 100cc Tube - $40
Feed 5cc per day - insurance against illness while hauling

30 day 1.75lb bag - $30
90 day 5.625lb bag  - $79
400 day 25lb pail- $280
800 day 50lb pail - $399
Feed 2 oz per head per day for 7 days then 1 oz per day per head


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