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BP ImmunEQ

BP ImmunEQ

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Oxy-Gen used the original Immunize paste and created a new and improved supplement to promote immediate immune support for respiratory infections, coughing, airway inflammation, allergy support or nasal discharge now called BP ImmuneEQ. As we approach the winter months, Immune support products are very popular due to cold temperatures, environmental changes, and the Futurity season for barrel horses now starting November 18th for 2019. This product will remain in a black 100 cc tube. Below is a breakdown of the new essential ingredients found in the BP ImmuneEQ. 

Colloidal Silver- This ingredient is known as a conventional antibiotic because it has both antiviral and antifungal properties. It can be ingested and use topically for one of the many needs your horse many have.  Colloidal Silver is recommended for EPM, West Nile, Lyme disease, EHV-1, vaccinations, and many other infections.  It is one of the most sought after ingredients found no the market today. 

Vitamin C- Vitamin C is essentially known for controlling and neutralizing harmful free radicals in the body.  Because Vitamin C is water-soluble it can work inside and outside many cells to keep harmful pathogens from attacking the cells. It functions as an antioxidant, provides antihistamine support, and promotes bone calcification.  Common signs of Vitamin C deficiencies include poor hair coat, depressed immune system, and airway inflammation. 

Echinacea- This native herb found east of the Rocky Mountains helps to stimulate an immune response. It is widely used across the world for humans and animals to fight off infections. It can also help decrease inflammation which might reduce the severity of the symptoms. Echinacea is mostly commonly used for digestive and respiratory problems. 

Grape Seed Extract (GSE)

In addition to Vitamin C, GSE helps tonight off free radicals in the body that may cause bacterial or viral infections. It supports the removal of any unhealthy pathogens or compounds that may damage a healthy immune system. GSE also had antibacterial properties and supports healthy blood flow. 

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