Dreux’s love of horses began at the very young age of six. She was obsessed. While most little girls go through phases, Dreux strategically convinced her parents over the course of three years, and many lessons, and lots of saving, that this was a serious passion and she was ready for her own horse. Her love of horses ran deep in her blood, for much of her family lives in Idaho, running cattle ranches. After Dreux had saved up enough money she purchased her first horse from her Uncle in Idaho. Apachy arrived in November of 2000. Instantly, Dreux and Apachy developed a strong bond and began learning gymkhana events together. Their first rodeo was in 2001, and they placed 6th in the keyhole event. As Dreux pursued the competitive side of western riding, she decided it was time to pick one event to pursue. She had a hard time deciding between English and Western, but ultimately decided on barrel racing. Always one for speed, barrel racing is a unique event that couples the art of balance and the control for speed.

Once Dreux decided on an event, the next step was finding a horse. As most in this industry know, finding the right horse is a challenge. Dreux tried many horses, and eventually settled on a 10 year old quarter horse mare named, Miss Kitty. With beautiful long eye lashes and a feisty personality, and and a huge heart for barrel racing . Dreux and Miss Kitty took their passion to the next level. At this time Dreux was an amateur barrel racer and Miss Kitty was a finished barrel horse. After difficulty finding a positive intriguing barrel trainer Dreux decided to teach herself to become a better riding on this great horse. This didn’t last long, for two years later Dreux and Miss Kitty placed 28th in the Nation barrel racing at the High School Rodeo Finals in Springfield Illinois in 2006 her freshman year of high school. Not long after that Dreux and Miss Kitty ran their fastest pole bending time together at Challenge of Champions with a 20.2.

In 2010 Chasing Time was founded, as Dreux Clark purchased what is now known as Chasing Time Performance Horses. Located in the foothills of Crazy Canyon right outside of King City, CA.

Chasing Time Performance Horses was founded upon the idea that barrel racing is not a competition against other racers, but a competition against yourself, your best time, and the clock. It is a humbling experience, since one can only control themselves, and their horse. The environment, location, and ground are all factors that can make or break a performance.